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Each hostel is under the care of a warden. After first striking toward the Tanglha ridge and Tawang near the border with Bhutanthe Chinese later extended their attack along the whole frontier.

Now coming to the Food of Arunachal Pradesh: Also given are the courses offered. Arunachal PradeshArunachal Pradesh. See also: The only difference is that this alcoholic beverage is made of millet instead of rice.

On 13 May Subansiri district was bifurcated into two districts: Pehak is a type of spicy chutney that is made by the use of fermented soya bean and chilli.

Mountains until the Siang river are classified under the Eastern Himalayas mountain range. Education Despite the presence of numerous primary, middle, and secondary schools, the literacy rate in Arunachal Pradesh continued to rank among the lowest in India in the early 21st century.

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To handle cases from Arunachal Pradesh more effectively, however, a permanent bench of the Guwahati High Court has been established at Itanagar, with a chief justice appointed by the chief justice in Assam. Smaller-scale industries include rice and vegetable-oil milling, fruit processingthe manufacture of forest-based products, and steel fabrication.

Government and society Constitutional framework Arunachal Pradesh is a constituent unit of the Republic of India, and, as such, the structure of its government, like that of most Indian states, is defined by the national constitution of Students can avail education free of cost until the age of Animal life includes tigers, clouded and snow leopards, elephants, wild buffalo, serow and goral goats, many species of deer, and primates such as hoolock gibbons, slow lorises, macaques, and capped langurs.

They are often mutually unintelligible; thus, Assamese and Hindiboth of which are Indo-Aryan languagesas well as English are used as lingua francas in the region. Bhalukpung and Tipi, both in the southwest, and Bomdila all are noted for their abundant flora, especially orchids.

Most of the populace is concentrated in the low-lying valleys, with the hill peoples living in scattered upland communities. Photographs of a few other such snakes revealed that was the average length of an adult.

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Early history[ edit ] The history of pre-modern Arunachal Pradesh is unclear but the majority of its population are descendants of the great AboTani whose origin is unknown but is said to be the first man of the five tribes, namely Tagin, Nyishi, Adi, Galo and Apatani which have a population of over one and half million.

However, some of those efforts have raised calls for concern among environmentalists and others who wish to preserve the natural landscape. Basketry, weaving, and carpets are the main handicraft manufactures. Rajiv Gandhi University is a UGC recognized public university and the oldest university in the state.

Northwestern parts of this area came under the control of the Monpa kingdom of Monyul, which flourished between B. MoMo Momos.

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It is joined by the Dibang and the Lohit rivers a short distance beyond Pasighat, just south of the border between Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. The Adiwho constitute the largest tribal group in the state, live in the central region.

Farther north, along the Tibetan border, lie the main ranges of the Great Himalayas, where Kangtothe highest peak in the state, dominates the landscape, reaching about 23, feet 7, metres. Generally, however, they are acidic and, in mountainous areas, subject to erosion.

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Some residents of Arunachal Pradesh practice Hinduismespecially those near the lowlands approaching the border with Assam. More recently, Arunachal Pradesh has come to face threats from certain insurgent groups, notably the National Socialist Council of Nagaland NSCNwho are believed to have base camps in the districts of Changlang and Tirap.

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Currently _Registered Tour Operators are operating in Arunachal tourists can individually or privately arrange to visit the state, the services of.

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Diet college in arunachal pradesh
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